Back by popular demand!

ʻAhuʻula hoodies are BACK by popular demand for a limited time! Mahalo for all the requests for these to come back out of retirement. These kūpuna designs will be back at a discount for all of you who didn’t get to pick one up the first time around.


Hoa Kaua is a competitive card game based on the warriors and weapons of ancient Hawaiʻi. Control your army of slingers, spearmen, and melee units to vie for victory. Beware the powerful kahuna nui who can shift the fates and the aliʻi nui, the ultimate warrior-chief!

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Know Hawaiʻi. Know Aloha.

Featuring deep knowledge of Hawaiʻi from the brilliant minds of Pūlama Collier and Manulani Aluli-Meyer, and art by Alika Spahn Naihe, AKAMAI is a powerful game of inquiry sure to stump, stimulate, and satiate the minds of all who play! Check it out today at!



Culture is a living entity. It changes and moves with the times and lives within the hearts and minds of the people who carry it. I live today as a modern Hawaiian, yet still I draw great inspiration from my culture’s roots in its ancient past. I present to you a collection of designs based on the my love for my Hawaiian culture. My intention is to take these images, stories and concepts out of the museums and exhibits and into daily life. Through the people,  history and culture can be shared and kept alive within these changing times and, most importantly, within ourselves. Hold these with pride and as a reminder of the mana that remains at the heart of the Hawaiian culture. It is up to us to continue the legacy left to us by the greatness of our past and to create a solid foundation for the future - for the mana.

- Alika Spahn Naihe